Two Brothers – How It Began

From left to right: (Claire and Steve Holmes 2024), (Brothers Steve and Graeme -1967) and Graeme Holmes RIP 2014

Graeme and Steve Holmes

Two brothers same aggressive terminal cancer and 6 months to live.

Steve survived, but his younger brother Graeme did not. Steve’s survival became part of a modern-day medical breakthrough, providing a new pathway for how patients can better respond to and survive a serious cancer diagnosis.

“Surviving a late-stage, stage 4 cancer that has no cure is remarkable in itself, it attracts attention, and therein lay an unexpected responsibility.

Cancer patients suffer a lot, that’s what it is to be a patient, so anything that I can do to alleviate that suffering is a good thing, a positive thing, a meaningful thing.

Sharing my story, knowledge, experiences, and wisdom in the best way possible does exactly that, it helps make other patient’s lives more liveable and shines a light on what is possible. ~ Steve

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What Was the Difference

Access to cancer and patient literacy, medical professionals with cholangiocarcinoma experience, and clinical trials

How it began

2016 – 2024 Steve and Claire Holmes

When Steve was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in late 2016, Claire initiated their research efforts, only to encounter a profound lack of information, resources, and response options. The absence of a supportive patient community further isolated them, severely restricting their ability to learn about and respond effectively to such a devastating diagnosis.

After enduring 25 hours of multi-organ surgeries and participating in two international clinical trials, Steve experienced a significant breakthrough in his treatment. This critical turning point not only marked a remarkable advance in his personal health journey but also provided hope to others facing similar battles.

In October 2017, in a moment that felt akin to a graduation speech, his oncologist, Dr. Matthew Burge, provided pivotal encouragement, saying: “There are many that we help a little and some we help a lot, and then there is you. Go out there, ride your bike, and do something special with the opportunity you have been given—see you in three weeks.” Inspired by these words “The Foundation” became that something special.

Claire and Steve co-founded the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Australia in 2018. By May 2024, it became a fully fledged registered charity, dedicated to better equipping and empowering today’s patients to more effectively respond and survive their diagnosis.

The Foundation

Equipping Our Patients For Survival

We are a patient-led registered charity organisation with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cholangiocarcinoma challenge. Read more about our mission and vision

Future Success

The Empowered Patient stands uniquely positioned and equipped to understand, engage, and ultimately succeed. They hold the power to influence and reshape both science and healthcare, leading to increased survivorship and reducing financial burdens both privately and publicly.

This approach is a common-sense strategy, effectively bridging the critical gap between the success of early detection and the dire statistics associated with late-stage diagnoses.

Understanding cancer increases effective engagement, effective engagement leads to improved survival outcomes. It’s a straightforward, uncomplicated approach and strategy, but profoundly effective amidst the chaos of a cancer challenge.

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Australia, a Patient-Led Solution: Empower the Patient- Increase Survival; Empower Their Supporter Community – Exponentially Increase Survivability. Is this to Simplistic?