How it

Began …

2 Brothers same deadly terminal diagnosis

Graeme Holmes:
Graeme was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in 2012 at 50 years old. This rare and aggressive cancer of the bile ducts impacted the liver, pancreas, and many organs in between. His doctors had no knowledge, experience, expertise, or specific treatment plan to respond to his diagnosis. Graeme had no external patient support or resources to help him help himself. Despite his determination and willingness to beat it, he was completely on his own without any meaningful response plan or support. He lost his battle 18 months later.

Steve Holmes:
Steve in 2016, at 56 years old, was also diagnosed with the same diagnosis as his brother Graeme – Cholangiocarcinoma – “Extrahepatic Distal” with fewer than 6 months to live. Steve underwent 25 hours of surgery & 2 international clinical trials.

Steve, a passionate road cyclist, observed a realistically healthy and fit lifestyle but despite this was also diagnosed with cancer. He had learned a lot from Graeme’s response making different decisions that led to him surviving what was previously considered unbeatable from a stage 4 metastatic and terminal setting.

Steve’s victory over cholangiocarcinoma was fully recorded and documented to become part of a new and exciting modern-day medical breakthrough for a patient with just days to weeks if not days to live.

The difference

Access to Cancer and patient literacy and medical professionals that not only knew of cholangiocarcinoma but have current expertise and experience with it.

The combination of Graeme and Steve’s stories provided the motivation to build a resource that would help newly diagnosed patients, their caregiver supporters, family, and friends to all become part of a solution.

Graeme Holmes – RIP 2014