CCF Australia is a professional ‘Patient-Centric’ and ‘Patient-Led’ Organisation, that places the needs of the patient and their caregiver first.



As patients, we must first understand cancer before we can control and eliminate it.

As a patient-led foundation, we specialize in providing patient-integrated support, response solutions, and strategies for those affected by Cholangiocarcinoma. We actively collaborate with scientific researchers, healthcare professionals, and industry leaders, to improve today’s patient survival rates.

Our North Star: Empower the Patient – Increase Survival: Empower their community – Exponentially Increase Survivorship.

Below is a more detailed dive:

Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation Australia: A Patient-Led Response Initiative

The Foundation is pioneering a profoundly unique patient-led response to a cancer diagnosis, focusing on the simplification, understanding, and practical application of cancer, genomics, and advocacy research.

Our work further centres on leveraging today’s advancements in medical science and research to directly benefit today’s patient survival.

3 Pillars of A Patient-Led Strategy

  • Empower The Patient – Increase Survival: Empower and align their supporters – Exponentially increase survival.
  • Educate, Equip, Empower: Better equip and empower the patient’s capacity to more effectively respond and survive a cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis.
  • Today’s Science For Today’s Patient Survival: Ensure today’s scientific advancements are fully utilized for today’s patient toolkit and survival.

These 3 pillars crucially help our patients to thoroughly understand cancer before they begin responding to it

The Foundation can help patients and their caregivers achieve this by combining the valuable insights gained from the lived experiences of our patient and caregiver community with the latest evidence-based medicine and best practices.

Shifting Perceptions: Follow The Process

To succeed over cholangiocarcinoma is to dismantle the diagnosis, to strip it of its reputational packaging, to see it as it really is, not as you fear it is. It is only then that you are ready to effectively respond.

When Responding to Cancer, we must embody the qualities of deliberation, boldness, and persistent creativity while maintaining open-mindedness and an unrestricted willingness. Cancer arrives wrapped in reputation – we must pause and look through its reputational wrapping to see it as it is, not as we fear it is. It is then that we can perform a mental flip to see deep into its underside, its weaknesses, and our opportunities. We are now ready to act and respond on our terms.

Process: Breaking Down the Challenge

The ‘Patient Navigator Journals,’ incorporating the ‘Optimal Cholangiocarcinoma Response Process,’ offer a streamlined pathway for patients. Each step seamlessly follows the next, providing a clear and straightforward response.

Follow the Process it methodically breaks the cancer apart into small, and winnable pieces, allowing you to concentrate on conquering the immediate step ahead. This helps you remove the disempowering distractions brought on by the magnitude of the challenge. By tackling one step at a time, you systematically wear down cholangiocarcinoma’s defenses, making the process less daunting and more achievable.

As a patient, we must look to become part of the solution, not just a passenger. We must help those who help us; we must lead them with our responsibility.

The Foundation’s Commitment

As a patient-led initiative, we prioritise the disciplines of right and effective objectivity, perception, action, and willpower. These interconnected and interdependent components are the essential attributes needed to dismantle the diagnosis, break cancer apart, and wear down its defenses until it is no more.

We must have the courage to know and act on what we can control and the wisdom to accept what we cannot.

Help us help

Help us help

Every moment counts after a cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis.

CCF Australia is a patient-led, not-for-profit organisation committed to enhancing survival rates by better equipping and empowering patients from the moment of diagnosis.

We focus on developing innovative response tools, simplifying genomics, supporting curative interventions, prevention, and optimal post-cancer health.

We foster informed communities, proactively advocate for patients, promote early diagnosis, and work to enhance and improve evidence-based best practice pathways, including the facilitation of second opinions