Turning Today’s Science into Todays Patient Survival

Equipping Our Patients For Survival

We are a patient-led registered charity organisation with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cholangiocarcinoma challenge.

Equipping Our Patients
For Survival

We are a patient-led registered charity organisation with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cholangiocarcinoma challenge.

Patient-Led Functional and Instructional Cancer Research Foundation

  • Patient-led means we ensure that the patient’s capacity to respond is represented at every level
  • Functional means simplifying the science and knowledge into a format that patients can both understand and effectively apply.
  • Instructional means we equip and empower the patients to more effectively respond, survive, and thrive beyond their diagnosis.
  • Research means we research the research and target the gaps. We initiate, lead, and support specific research that benefits today’s patient survival.
  • Foundation means we centralise the communities of science, healthcare,  and patient support around the patient at their center.

We Harness, We Integrate, and We Apply

A Mission of Turning Today’s Science into Today’s Patient Survival

The Foundation actively raises funds to harness and integrate cutting-edge medical research into tangible benefits for patients diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. By integrating innate human resilience attributes, patient insights, and breakthrough medical advancements with the existing standard of care model, we are better positioned to provide a more complete and comprehensive ‘Standard of Response’ model.

By introducing a response-focused model we can better equip and empower the patient’s capacity to more effectively respond and survive their diagnosis, ensuring that today’s cutting-edge knowledge and advancements reach and benefit today’s patient response. Please help us enhance this effort …

Our Initiatives Turn Research Into Reality

We go beyond harnessing, integrating, and applying

Our foundation offers a broad spectrum of comprehensive support resources and initiatives for patients, caregivers, and their communities. These resources include optimal patient-integrated response processes, peer-to-peer tele-support, navigator and mentor programs, medical professional registries, the Second Opinion Project that seamlessly connects patients to medical experts, Australian Patient Data Enhancement, and Clinical Trial Connector – Mutational Matchmakers. Each initiative is meticulously tailored to broaden survival options for patients.

Our Responsibility in Research

We Target and Bridge the Gaps

Lead, initiate, and support research and studies that benefit today’s patient toolkit. While science strives for tomorrow’s cure, we ensure that today’s science is fully integrated and applied where it is needed most—today’s patients. By doing so, we also identify and address currently overlooked areas, and take a unique responsibility to lead research and study efforts that meet our objectives – Improving today’s patient survival today!

We Help Patients Help Themselves

Addressing The Unknowns

Newly diagnosed patients do not know what they do not know, yet absolutely must – we help them and their caregivers know. We bridge the knowledge gaps between medical science, healthcare, and the patient. To effectively respond to a cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis you must understand both that cancer itself and the health system that is tasked with helping you. This support is crucial in preparing for the challenge of defeating cholangiocarcinoma.

Collaborative Efforts

Contributing To The Cutting-Edge

Our commitment is strengthened through collaborations with medical professionals, scientific researchers, and industry partners, including pharmaceutical companies. These partnerships enhance our mission and accelerate progress, focusing on improving today’s patient outcomes in battling cholangiocarcinoma.

We Work to Compliment Medical Care

By Bridging the Gaps

While hospitals and medical professionals excel in diagnosing, treating, and caring for patients, they are not as adept in preparing patients for the broader challenge of a cancer diagnosis. With our deep knowledge and understanding of the cholangiocarcinoma challenge, we work hard to prepare and support a patient’s response to their diagnosis and prognosis.

Our Steadfast Commitment

Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible.” — Marcus Aurelius

“We remain steadfast in our mission, equipping and empowering patients with the tools they need to effectively respond to cholangiocarcinoma. We continue to share information and stories of resilience that inspire and rally support, committed to a future where no life is lost to this disease.” —  Steve Holmes


Cholangiocarcinoma is a type of cancer that originates in the lining of the bile ducts, which are narrow, slender tubes responsible for transporting bile from the liver to the small intestines. Bile aids in the digestion process by breaking down food before it enters the bowels.

Newly Diagnosed Patients

Know Your Path: Build Your Team
We travel a road in steps, the navigator journals provide the roadmap to travel the Cholangiocarcinoma road.

As a newly diagnosed patient, “we do not know what you do not know – but must, this is what the Patient Navigator Journals help with, they provide a simplified knowledge bridge between the science, medical and patient – a pathway beyond the diagnosis.

To effectively succeed we must first understand the diagnosis we face. Understanding cancer increases our engagement and effective engagement increases our chances of success.

The Patient Navigator Journals

The Patient Navigator Journals provide a clear and comprehensive response process to a Cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis. This methodical process blends the latest medical advancements with structured human resilience integrated into healthcare’s standard of care. The process dismantles the overwhelming diagnosis breaking down the challenge into manageable steps empowering the patients to systematically wear down the Cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis. The process provides a highly tailored and targeted roadmap to increases survival chances providing calm amidst the chaos.

Cholangio Challengers

Cholangio Challengers is a vibrant community hub designed for patients, caregivers, supporters, and families impacted by cholangiocarcinoma. This platform enables you to create and share profiles with your loved ones, colleagues, and the broader community, fostering a united and constructive response to this challenging disease. By aligning your personal challenges with our foundation’s mission and resources, we can collectively empower our patients and caregivers with the latest scientific research, medical advancements, and effective response solutions to enhance survival.

Join us and be part of our empowered community response, where today’s science actively supports your fight for survival.

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